Hepatitis C Testing

The Hepatitis C test, otherwise called the Hepatitis C Surface Antibody Test, is a simple blood test that screens for the presence of the virus in the blood stream. It is accurate as early as a 8 weeks after possible infection and the results are reliable and confidential. If left untreated, Hepatitis C can become chronic and harmful to the body. It is important to test early if it is possible because treatment is better with early detection. Our care counselors are here to take your call and order your test today at 1-888-978-3435.


Hepatitis C Testing Information


How do you test for Hepatitis C?

The Hepatitis C test is a simple blood test that looks for your body’s antibodies to the Hepatitis C virus. After exposure to the virus, your body begins to produce antibodies. However, it takes time for these antibodies to build up in your blood stream to the point they are detectable. The Hepatitis C test is accurate as early as 8 weeks after a possible infection.


Why is testing for Hepatitis C so important?

As with the majority of sexually transmitted infections, Hepatitis C can have serious consequences to your health. Hepatitis C can become chronic and cause significant damage. It is important to get tested as soon as possible so that you can begin receiving treatment should you test positive.


Is there a treatment for Hepatitis C?

Yes, there are treatments available for Hepatitis C that help prevent serious damage caused by the disease.


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